My passions, hobbies and interest are fitness, cooking, exploring nature, meeting new people, variety of music genres, psychology and the human mind, holistic healing, and The Arts.

​As an animal and nature person, I live a cruelty-free life (the vegan lifestyle) as much as I can. I believe, if done correctly, it is the best lifestyle to live by, for the the benefit of our bodies, our soul, and our planet as a whole.

I have been a winner of multiple fitness and bikini competitions. Currently, I commit to a daily yoga practice to keep physically fit, toned and flexible, as well as meditation to remain mentally focused, mindful, and as a result, positive, optimistic and productive.


My background is South European. It's been said that facially, I look exotic, but that it is difficult to pinpoint my exact background.  My my measurements are 32DD-24-35 standing at 5’5. My figure is tight and toned, yet alluring, with feminine curves, nicely accentuating, and perfectly sized for, my petite frame.  I have smooth, tanned skin and expressively warm, seductive, big, brown eyes.  My hair colour, frequently changing, is now, a golden-light-brown, falling past my shoulders. I have naturally soft, luscious lips, tempting,  and irresistibly kissable.

My smile with youthful dimples complements my genuine laugh, and charismatic nature.


As a good listener, romantic, and kind person, I provide the sweet companionship. I’m also very comfortable with my own body and within my skin, and this will be evident once we meet. Let’s go with the flow, and allow our date to proceed naturally, while we are getting better acquainted. No expectations necessary, but the anticipation of a memorable time to share. I’ve said enough about myself. Our time together is mostly about you! I want you to forget the daily stress, and escape the mundane routine, once you enter my place, or I visit yours.

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